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What Parents & Girls Say

The following quotes are EXCERPTS FROM FEEDBACK FORMS filled out by parents after the Thursday night family program and feedback forms filled out by the girls on the last day of camp.  

"I've seen more confidence in my daughter because of GirlSing" - Parent

"I love that songs can be a way that I can express my feelings when it's hard to talk about things." - Girl

"Evangeline worked hard to earn the money for GirlSing. The weeks of hard work and anticipation were well worth it! The diverse activities and experiences stretched and grew her, in self and love of music." - Parent

"When we sang, I learned that it didn't have to be perfect, that the important thing was to share the gift of music"

- Girl 

"My daughter enjoyed this camp. Although we are not from Bozeman, everyone made her feel welcome. She made new friends, enjoyed the outdoor activities and loved learning new songs!" - Parent

"I liked that we had free time to be creative and express ourselves and unique personalities through art and song" - Girl 

"Sophie came home from camp beaming and singing -- sharing everything she experienced at GirlSing. She stands taller and is more willing to project her voice in song and in every day conversation." - Parent

"I learned how a song tells a story and that the songs that I write need to come from my heart."  - Girl

"This was an amazing camp. We loved the Thursday night family event...the meaningful songs, the musical instruments, the joy on her face as sing she sang with the others...all of it made us feel part of her week of learning and experiencing the joy of music!"          - Parent

"My sister and I keep coming back because, we always learn new songs and always make new friends. We have learned to writing songs and it's always fun to be creative through music and art at GirlSing Campl!" - Girl

"My daughter said the days flew by because she loved everything so much. I like the small size of the camp and the girls had fun but also had time to reflect and connect on a deeper level. She enjoyed exploring the meaning of the lyrics and I was please that the songs focused on emotional well being." -- Parent

"I liked writing my journal about the things I learned each day. The art project was a fun way to express unique things about myself."   - Girl

Through GirlSing, Cora developed her self confidence and team building skills. She came home each night singing her new favorite songs and talking about writing songs in her journal. GirlSing was a fun and memorable Summer experience that will benefit her for years to come." - Parent

"I liked that t I felt accepted by everyone in the camp. I am shy, but I never felt pressured to be any other way. I learned that we are all different and have beautiful gifts to offer the world just the way we are." - Girl

"GirlSing is just what young girls need. It's an outlet that fosters creativity, musicality, teamwork, trust and most importantly, self-love. This has been her only drama-free camp!" - Parent

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