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About "Early Drop Off & Late Pick-up" Fees

In addition to the Basic Camp Fee for 5 days (9-4:00 PM), parents also have the option of paying addition for the convenience of dropping their child off early and/or having them stay late to accommodate parent/caregiver work schedules, etc. 

Additional $25 for Early Drop-Off and Late Pick-up: Parents can have flexibility to drop their children off early or pick up late by paying an extra $25 for the camp. The fee is $25 regardless of how often you choose to exercise this option. This fee also covers the cost of extra art supplies and staff time necessary to engage with and watch your children during this extended period of time. If you choose this option, you will pay this flat fee the first day of the camp. NOTE: Only one fee per day per family if siblings attend.

Parameters and Proactive Coordination. Girls can be dropped off as early as 8:30 AM and picked up as late as 4:30 PM. Later pick by 5 PM "might" be possible on certain days depending on Music Kate's schedule and ability to accommodate. 5 PM pick is by request only and is only agreed to with advance communication, coordination and mutual agreement with Music Kate. Music Kate is happy to help out whenever her schedule allows to assist parents or caregivers who have "timing challenges" related to work schedules or other commitments. There are no late pick ups after 5 PM. We appreciate parents being on time with the early drop offs and late pick ups which have been agreed upon.

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