GirlSing - Singing, Songwriting & Art Summer Music Camp


What To Bring


  • Words (verses and chorus) to one or two of your favorite songs.  We will be analyzing the words as a part of a lyric analysis exercise.
  • Signed Liability Waiver Form ==> Click Here to Open/Download and Print

Food & Beverage:

Please eat breakfast each day before before you arrive by 9 AM.
Pack the following food/drink with you.

  • Morning and Afternoon Snack (e.g., Granola Bar  or Fruit)  
  • Sack Lunch
  • Bottled Water 

GirlSing Will Provide:
A homemade, low-sugar juice and ice water (from tap) throughout the camp.
Some healthy snacks will be provided (e.g., celery sticks with peanut butter, baby carrots and hummus) along.  There will be some mixed nuts provided. If your child has any food allergies (including nuts),  please let us know on the liability waiver form.

Please Bring:

  • Windbreaker or light coat
  • Sunscreen and a Hat
  • Back pack or fanny pack (for field trips and/or outings)
  • Dress appropriately for the weather and/or outdoor activity (e.g.,, walking shoes, wind breaker/rain jacket, umbrella, second layer, etc. as necessary)
  • Walking/Hiking Shoes - Please wear or bring some close-toed shoes for walking or hiking.  No flip flops.  Good walking sandals will work, but keep in mind that on day 2, we will be walking on the Sourdough Trail which is gravel.