GirlSing - Singing, Songwriting & Art Summer Music Camp


Refund Policy

Refund Policy* ($235 Tuition Fee)

  • 100% Refund - if contacted at least  8 weeks (8 Mondays) prior to the start of the camp.  
  • 75% Refund - if contacted at least  6 weeks (6 Mondays) prior to the start of the camp.  
  • 30% refund - if  we are contact at least 4 Weeks (4 prior Mondays) prior  to the start of camp.  
  • 0%  refunds - if contacted within 30 days prior to the start of camp

* If we are able to fill the spot vacated by your cancellation, we will refund any remaining portion of the tuition not already refunded. 

Why this refund policy?  We keep the deposit within that time frame because the cancellation may have resulted in another girl being turned away (if the camp is full) and a potential lost opportunity to fill the spot before the start of camp (lost revenue for GirlSing). 

If you are unable to attend the camp for which you are registered, please contact Music Kate Here. 

Refund Policy* ($35 Early Drop Off & Late Pick-up Fee)

The $35 Early Drop Off & Late Pick-up Fee is a flat fee of $35.  It is not prorated and it is not refundable after it is paid. We request that this fee be paid on the first day of camp, but other options may be possible.  

Learn more about the early drop off and late pick up option here