GirlSing - Singing, Songwriting & Art Summer Music Camp


GirlSing Philosophy

We seek to empower girls  through song, songwriting and art to help them discover what they already possess in their musical selves, hearts, and minds.

IN MUSIC ==> We believe that:

=> Music expressed freely from an authentic place, provides a window to the soul.
=> Music creates fertile ground for more meaningful bonds among people.
=> Lessons learned in making music are metaphors are applicable to everyday life.
Music is a path to authentic creative expression. 

=> Music expression allows girls to learn from one another through creative expression.

FOR GIRLS ==> We believe:

- Girls should be seen and heard
- Potential is not dictated by gender
- In providing girls with a nonjudgmental space in 
  which to express themselves creatively. 
- In a girl's right to confidence, self-reliance, and  courage.
- Girls should be encouraged to express themselves with creativity and enthusiasm.