GirlSing - Singing, Songwriting & Art Summer Music Camp


Camp Activities

At GirlSing, your daughter will take part in a soulful music-making, song writing and artistic experience that involves expressing and exploring her musical and unique spirit with variety of creative sing, songwriting and artistic activities in a variety of environments. 

Lyric Analysis

Girls will explore the music they love and why they love it through GirlSing's unique Song Synergy "lyric analysis" activity.  This activity is designed to help them understand how and why they connect with specific songs and how music (lyrics, genre, tune, rhythm, meter and tone) elicit and influence  emotions and action.  The concepts of metaphor and simile are also explored and how they contribute to telling a visual story as a part of their lyric wriiting.

Song Writing Skills

The ability to express ones self through music can be powerful and cathartic.  Girls will learn about song structure, songwriting inspiration and song writing skill.  They will write lyrics based on their personal experiences and put them to music. Girls will also have the opportunity to share their song inspiration in small groups, expressing what the lyrics of their song mean to them

Self Reflective Art Projects

In the spirit of encouraging creativity through art, the GirlSing camp includes multiple group and individual art projects (indoor and outdoor). Each art project gives the girls and opportunity to express and describe what makes them unique and allows them to share the special gifts they have to give to the world. Some art projects will also give the girls the opportunity to illustrate their connection to a favorite song learned in the Camp!

Here is a summary of the GirlSing Activities. 

  • Engaging Group Singing (Parts, Harmony, Rounds)
  • Singing Games
  • Song Writing Skills and Exercises
  • Lyric Analysis) (Using Song Synergy Technique)
  • "Find Your Own Voice" journaling and lyric development.
  • Self-Expressive Art Project
  • Vocal Improvisation
  • Vocal/Rhythmic Percussion/Drumming Call & Response
  • Ensemble Skills (listening, blending, creative cooperation - small and large groups)
  • Performance Skills (Vocal projection, vocal/body coordination, stage presence)"

GirlSing believes "music-making skills" run parallel to "life skills."  "At GirlSing, girls will be encouraged to explore and ponder how music-making skills translate into every day life lessons!